The Digital Age culminating in unfathomable data, at almost lightning speed, has dampened our enthusiasm to a great extent to lead a life balancing and enjoying family and work. Of course, work is demanding, and it will continue to be so, and yet you have to take care of the family and the little ones craving for your care and attention. These days many families are two-paycheck families where both husband and wife are employed or self-employed. That put more pressure on each of the spouses, making it difficult to find a work-life balance. Let us see how AFT Principle can reduce your burden in striking a balance between the highly demanding workplace, and equally demanding loved ones in the family.


AFT stands for ALWAYS FINDING TIME. While we all worry about finding the right balance, we are all ignoring the minutes and hours slipping through our hourglass on a daily basis. Once you recognize these unconscious stealers of time, you can redeem those hours and find a better use of them to improve your quality of life.

Awareness is the key to finding those lost hours and employing them to work for you instead of pulling you down. You must be aware of all the hours that pass through your hourglass and monitor them to work in your favor. This is the sole purpose of AFT PRINCIPLE, which is the guardian of your hourglass, and it is the custodian of your mental activities. Thoughts are always fleeting and stealing your time without us knowing about it. It is happening to you, to me to all the human beings who are breathing. The only difference is in the degree in which it affects each one of us. The use of the AFT principle will put a stop to that loss of time, and it will help you galvanize your energy to face the challenges of everyday life both at home and at work.


  1. You must eat three meals a day, breakfast, lunch and dinner. The physical and mental stamina that you expend in chewing the food not only nourishes your body, but it will emancipate your mental and emotional energy. Without a proper balance of our physical and emotional energy, we can not function at full capacity. Thus skipping regular meals in the interest of working is a self-defeating idea that can cause irreparable damage to your body and psyche in the long run.
  1. You must Always Find Time to have seven to eight hours of sleep every night. Lack of enough sleep can cause the onset of lifestyle diseases like high blood pressure and diabetes, and heart disease to mention a few. If your work demands are really crazy, you can AFT (ALWAYS FIND TIME) for ten minutes of “cat naps” at periodic intervals, maybe after lunch and another one after 4 PM. These “cat naps” though very short in duration, have innumerable positive impacts on your health and well-being. Many Great Thinkers and Doers of the world like Mahatma Gandhi are famous for their cat naps.
  1. You must AFT to play with your young ones at home. They are so innocent and a few minutes of playing with them will supercharge your mind and body, besides discharging your parental responsibilities. If you have teenage children, make it a point to play tennis, golf, or basketball with them on a regular basis. Even if you do not want to spend hours going to a park, you can still play with them in your backyard. This is a good time to bond, and communicate with the teens who really need your invaluable help growing up.
  1. You must AFT for the GYM. If necessary you can get up an hour earlier and use that time to go to GYM. Many people set up a GYM in the basement, and that will work out too. But the discipline to do that must be inculcated in everyday life. At least two to three hours of exercise every week is essential for a healthy life. You can also use some gadgets like fit bits to monitor the steps you walk every day. These days I love to go to Jewel or Osco more time as those trips help me increase the number of steps I walk every day. While at work, of course, you can skip the elevator and take the staircase to improve your physical activities. But whatever suits you, you must AFT to fulfill the required activities.
  2. You must AFT to spend personal time with your significant other. It is good for both of you, as it will ease the agony of mental tension. Whenever you talk to another who is so close to you, it can help change your perspective or paradigm. The spousal input is not only invaluable, many times it can save the situation. So by all means grab every opportunity to have personal time with your wife or husband. Did you know that those happy moments you spend with your spouse increase the production of endorphins in your body? They are the healing agents that erase the pain from reaching the brain.
  3. You must AFT for a good bowel movement. I know it is not a popular subject to talk about as it invades personal privacy. Yet I took some courage to talk about it because it is the best way you can promote your gut health. Now doctors know that gut health is extremely important for the overall well-being of an individual. The digestive process, elimination, and cleansing are all important to support gut health.
  4. You must AFT for a good shower, if necessary more. We must realize the value of water not only as a cleansing agent but also as a healing agent. When you find the quiet time to take a bath/shower, it will help you germinate new ideas in your own creative mind that can make a big difference in your life. Who does not remember the story of Archimedes who ran out of the bathtub, saying “Eureka”, “Eureka”. Many of my good ideas cropped up in my head during those quiet and healing hours I spend under the shower. Also remember that water absorbs stress, and literally it swallows it. Whenever you are under tremendous stress, you can take an additional shower before going to sleep at night.

To summarise, work-life balance requires a paradigm shift in our life. The use of AFT will enhance your awareness to just change a shift in focus. Many of us dismiss the talk about essential things in life saying: “I do not have the time for that”. Well, paraphrase it differently, it only means that it is not my priority. We will definitely find time to do things that are very important to us in life. AFT will act as a faithful servant to remind us every day, that these are very important chores in our life even though they do not appear to be directly impacting our job promotion, or pay increase. But when you put AFT to use, you will find time for everything to finish the project in time, play with your two-year-old, and spend precious moments with your wife (husband) and children. In the process, you seem to be enjoying physical and emotional well-being, and keeping dangerous and harmful stress at bay, by finding time to eat three meals, and regularly sleeping, and hitting the GYM two or three times a week. Health is the first and foremost important wealth, and all the wealth you might have amassed will be of no use if your body is in a dilapidated condition, fighting scores of lifestyle diseases and chronic illnesses. You must remember that you are the captain of the ship of your family, and you must be strong physically, emotionally, and financially to be with your loved ones in their time of need. A life well lived is a life well served, and you must take prime responsibility for your physical, emotional, and financial well-being. AFT is just a tool for you to accomplish this paramount goal in life.


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