Generally, we think, we speak and we act in that order to accomplish different tasks in our life.
In the Reverse Thinking Technique, we reverse the process. We name the experience we like to have, and start harvesting the Thoughts that will spearhead the speech and action conducive to creating the ambiance that will be necessary for the actualization of the experience.

For example, you want to experience Happiness during the day. You will start thinking about the happiness, joy, pleasure, and similar thoughts that can jump-start your thought process. Since you want to experience Happiness, you will try to avoid situations that will lead to unhappiness. You will deliberately avoid people who are negative thinkers and prefer to mingle with people who are positive thinkers.

In the same way, you may avoid unnecessary negative news, and even abstain from clicking negative e-mails. Of course, if it is a part of your work, you need to click, but you will be prepared to respond to that negative news with positive affirmation, and a positive mindset. After you have enough thoughts to
Manufacture the experience you will turn to create the speeches conducive to producing the experience you despite to cultivate. After you have created enough vocabulary in support of your actions you will work on the acting techniques that are necessary for creating the experience you desire.

The Law Of Reciprocity.

The reverse Thinking Technique is primarily based upon the Law of Reciprocity, which is a fundamental Spiritual Law to, which we are all subject to. The Law of reciprocity says that whatever you offer to the Universe, it will come back to you multiplied. Your offering to the Universe consists of your Thoughts, Your Speech, and your Actions.

Whatever experience you have in this life is based on the sum total of your Thoughts Speech and Actions. In other words, you are creating your own experience, or to put it differently, your thoughts speech, and Actions that you create come back to you as experience. For example, if you yell at your wife, you are yelling at the Universe. Using the operation of the Law of Reciprocity, it will come back to you multiplied.

Your wife may not yell back at you. But your boss in the office or a Policeman in the street could yell at you. You must be aware of the definition of the Universe. The universe includes all visible and invisible, organisms including human beings. It also includes inorganic and seemingly inanimate objects. So the consequence of your Thoughts Speech and Actions can come from any part of the Universe, even seemingly unexpected sources, as the Universe excludes one. Just remember that.

Expanding on the operation of the Law of reciprocity, please remember that if you help your child to finish her homework, you are helping the Universe. Similarly, if you are giving five dollars to the homeless man standing on the street corner you are helping the Universe.

We are not trained to realize that our Thoughts, Speech, and Actions emanating from us have consequences. All those consequences, positive or negative will be directed only toward us as we are responsible for our Thoughts, Speech, and Actions. Another lesson we learn in the Reverse Thinking technique is that we can manufacture our daily experience by choosing our Thoughts, Speech, and Actions.

Now that you can understand the reasoning behind your experience, you are indeed the author of your own book of life. This realization, though rude, can remind you all the time you think, speak, or do to be very careful as they are the raw material from which your experience is born.
This is a fundamental truth in life, and it comes out of the Law of Reciprocity. We all can choose the Reverse Thinking Technique to create our own experience, rather than believing that someone else is responsible for our experience. What a welcome relief!

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