How to transform the energy of GRIEF?

As a result of the global pandemic, the world has become a virtual graveyard, and death has stolen more than three hundred thousand lives all over the world. And the heartbreaking tragedy is not over yet. The staggering number of two hundred and forty-four thousand includes somebody’s mom, dad, wife husband children brothers and sisters, […]

A minute of gratitude

Gratitude, make it your Anchor Thought! Life’s best blessings will appear unsought. Begin your day with a fervent prayer, A prayer of gratitude, one’s divine layer. Appreciation is the body of Gratitude, Acceptance is the soul of Gratitude Daily Drills are the feet of Gratitude, Selfless Service makes the hands of Gratitude. Total surrender is […]

Work-life balancing = aft principle

The Digital Age culminating in unfathomable data, at almost lightning speed, has dampened our enthusiasm to a great extent to lead a life balancing and enjoying family and work. Of course, work is demanding, and it will continue to be so, and yet you have to take care of the family and the little ones […]

Elements of emotional wisdom!

ELEMENTS OF EMOTIONAL WISDOM! Our mind is an instrument of perception, to explore and understand the universe! Our body is an instrument of expression, expressing feelings and emotions we create internally. A balance between the body and mind is very essential for us to function effectively in this world! Emotional wisdom is the application of […]

My five most regrets in life!

THE FIVE THINGS IN LIFE That I Regret the Most! After writing down all my major regrets in life, I began to dissect them and analyze them to make any sense or nonsense out of them. I also wanted to see if my ambitions were fulfilled, and how would have my life changed. Let us […]

Reverse thinking technique! The law of reciprocity.

REVERSE THINKING TECHNIQUE! THE LAW OF RECIPROCITY. Generally, we think, we speak and we act in that order to accomplish different tasks in our life.In the Reverse Thinking Technique, we reverse the process. We name the experience we like to have, and start harvesting the Thoughts that will spearhead the speech and action conducive to […]