Gratitude, make it your Anchor Thought!

Life’s best blessings will appear unsought.

Begin your day with a fervent prayer,

A prayer of gratitude, one’s divine layer.

Appreciation is the body of Gratitude,

Acceptance is the soul of Gratitude

Daily Drills are the feet of Gratitude,

Selfless Service makes the hands of Gratitude.

Total surrender is the motive of Gratitude,

Forgiveness is the daughter of Gratitude

Compassion is the breath of Gratitude

Unconditional love is the seat of Gratitude!

Harmony is the shadow of Gratitude

God is the preceptor of Gratitude

Humility is the student of Gratitude

Peace is the offspring of Gratitude!

Practice gratitude! Embrace peace! And surrender to almighty god! Fulfill your life on earth!
May there be peace and tranquility among all beings in the universe! om! Peace!peace!peace!

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